Superfast your WordPress website !! 5 Optimization Tips!

Website Speed ​​refers  to how long your  website is taking to load . If your website takes longer to load then your website will have a bad effect. For example - the bounce rate of your site will increase, your ranking will be down in search rankings. These are seriously damaging to a website.
However, there are several approaches you can take to get rid of this problem. WordPress is a platform that will allow you to optimize your website in a variety of ways so that your website becomes more fast and relatable. Even if you are not an expert in optimizing websites, you can use different methods to increase the speed of your website.
In this article we will discuss why your website takes longer to load, and how to fix them. Also discuss how you can optimize your site in the best way to increase your site's loading speed. So, Let's Get Started ... .

Why or Fast Website ??

Time has changed on the Internet. Visitors now want faster loading time. If your website takes too long to load, visitors must fill in the boring file to use your website, and gradually stop visiting your website. Which will have a bad effect on your bounce rate.
Slow websites, on the other hand,   do not rank well in search engines . Google always cares how fast a website is. And if your website does not rank well in search engine, then of course you will not be able to grow your site.
If your website has good content, but if the speed of your site is low then all your effort is in vain. Because if the other website in that category is faster than your web site, then visitors will not use your website as a result of that category. So focusing on the speed of the website is far more important.
So, you need to be sure that your website is fast enough and provides good user experience. However, first you need to know what are the reasons why your website is slow. Let's know ...

Why is your website slow ??

One of the most important reasons for your website to be slow is your hosting provider. If your hosting provider does not provide you with good service, your website will never be fast. Therefore, it is very important to cheat the quality hosting provider.

If your website's server is down or down, your website will also slow down. In this case, your hosting plan can also make an impact on your website. So we will recommand you to cancel managed hosting plans. Because a managed hosting plan ensures the speed, responsiveness of your site. From here you will see ExcelNode Managed Hosting Plans.

Another important reason why a website is slow is to get more traffic. If your website is visited by a lot of people, then the bandwidth will be affected and your site will be slow. So take care so that your hosting plan can handle your website traffic.

Moreover, even if there are numerous users logged in to the backend of your site, it still affects your site's loading time.

Another reason is that even if you use a lot of unnecessary code when creating your website, your site speed will be reduced.

How To Speed ​​Test Your Website ??

Well, now we know the reasons why the website is slow. Now is the time to test your website speed. You need to regularly check how your website is performing. There are many powerful free tools for speed testing of websites. Among them are  Pingdom Tools  and  GTMetrix  

After hitting enter on your website with the link to the tool's homepage, you will know the speed of your site, how long it takes to load, how you are performing from a location, what causes your site slow, etc.
Remember, you need to do this speed test a few times and use the above two tools. Then you will get a clear idea of ​​how your website is performing and know where your site needs to be improved.

How To Optimize Your WordPress Site For Fast Speed ​​!! 5 tips !!

We know a lot about why you need a fast website, why you need to slow down your website, how to do site speed tests and so on. Now we're back to the main topic. How to make your website super fast. For this we have discussed the following 3 methods.

2. Quality Hosting Disables

Hosting is one of the most important things for a Faster website. The quality of your website depends largely on the quality of the hosting server. If the hosting service is of poor quality and your hosting provider does not provide you with adequate service or support then your website will perform poorly. Therefore, it is very important to select the Best Quality Hosting for a Faster Website.

2. Regularly updating WordPress, themes, plugins

Today, keeping track of the latest updates on devices or software is a trending topic. Because the latest updates have all the latest features. This also applies to WordPress. Whenever an update  to your  WordPress software arrives, it is important to update it. Moreover, it is very important to keep the WordPress theme or plugins updated regularly.
Security  is the main reason for keeping these updates  These latest updates will protect your website from the latest virus or ransomware or any throats.
Moreover, keeping these updates will increase the speed of your website. WordPress developers are always trying to update WordPress in a way that websites are faster and better optimized. Updating WordPress themes and plugins will make your website even faster. Moreover, PHP  version of the latest version should be used to increase the speed of your website  .

2. Implementing Cash

The smart way to fast website is to impose cash. Avowedly Cash ( Caches ) is the meaning of short-term memory. When you first visit your website, all the requested files of the website will be saved on that computer. Later, when the user visits your website again, those requested files will no longer be loaded directly from the user's computer, rather than from the server. This will make your website speed much faster.
Caching implant sounds hard to hear, doesn't it? But to do this in WordPress is quite simple. There are several plugins to do this work. You  can use the WP Super Cache plugin created by WordPress developers  It's a very popular and free plugin.

2. Image optimization

Using images for websites is an interesting topic. Images make your website more vivid and inflate texts. But this image is more time consuming than website loading. Moreover, images of higher size also consume a lot more bandwidth. Which is an overall hermaphol for user experience.
Image optimization  is to reduce or reduce the size of the image without reducing the quality of the image. This can be easily done. First of all you can use image optimization software. We will recomend you the ImageOptim  software. With this software you can reduce the size of the images and upload them to your website.
Second method is to use WordPress plugin. Through the plugin you can easily compress the size of all the images uploaded to your website. We will recommand you  to use the ShortPixel  plugin.

2. Minifying the code

When developers write code for a website, it uses some extra space for indentation. Note the following code:
#red {
font-size: 1em;
color: red;
This is how people write code when they write it. But the computer does not care. He just follows the rules. The above code is minified and written as below.
The computer can quickly compile the following code from the above code. Therefore, if you use the minified version of the code on the website, the website will be faster.
Doing this in WordPress is straightforward. There are numerous plugins available to do this. But our favorite is the  Fast Velocity Minify  plugin. It is a free, open source and user friendly plugin. This plugin will automatically minify all HTML, CSS, Javascript code on your website.

2. Using the CDN-Content Delivery Network

The CDN  will give your website a Fast Experience from different locations using. CDN is a proxy server network that is spread around the world. Each server will have a pure copy of your website and it will be delivered to any user worldwide fast. CDN not only increases the speed of the website, but also increases the security.

The easiest way to use CDN in WordPress is to use a plugin. We will recomend you  Cloudflare  . This will improve the speed and security of your website, as well as provide you with detailed analytics options.

2. Using high-quality themes and plugins

It is not a matter of looking at how many plugins you are using on your WordPress site, it is a matter of seeing what kind of  quality  plugins you are using. Plugins implements additional code on your website. Therefore, you need to use plugins that are useful to you and do not use plugins that take a lot of resources.

Using high-quality themes is also an important factor. There are several themes that use excessive code and functionality. Which greatly reduces your site speed.

 How to find the right coding themes  and  high-quality plugins ? Before using any theme or plugin, you should first check user ratings and reviews. Check the developers' updated history and make sure that plugins or themes are tested for your WordPress version.

2. Deleting the remaining themes and plugins

This is a site maintenance task, you need to do it regularly. Themes and plugins you are not using are taking up a lot of space on your server. Some themes or plugins save some additional data on your site. Those are really  ginger  . In order to keep the website fast and clean, these interactive themes and plugins need to be deleted.

2. Keeping the media library clean

The media library contains numerous images, documents, audio, video and other files. If used for a long time, many files are stored there. Unnecessary files take up space on the server, which can affect the site loading effect. That's why keeping the media library clean is essential.

WordPress also has a plugin for doing this. In fact, that's why WordPress is so popular. All tasks can be easily done. To clean up the media library, we will recommand you  to use the Media Cleaner  plugin. This will automatically clean up all the edited files in your media library.

2. Optimizing the database

Optimizing a database means redesigning the memory space from your database. If you are not an expert,   you can use the WP - DBManager plugin to do this. It will optimize your database, repair any problems you may have, and delete non-critical data. Which will also slow down your website's loading speed.

So this was an article. In this article we have looked at some optimization methods for the Faster WordPress website. If you can follow these methods correctly, we hope your website will be much faster, which will please your users as well as you will be happy when your website's rich. Good luck ... everyone will be much better.

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