Learn how to make income from Facebook

 Learn how to make income from Facebook

Today I will talk about Facebook Marketing. We all know how to use Facebook. Here are some other things you can do to make a good income from Facebook a month.

Not knowing before, how can you earn using Facebook?

3) F-Commerce: E-commerce business can be done in Bangladesh by opening the page on Facebook. That is what everyone is seeing on Facebook lately. For those who are working this way, the monthly income for those working this way is Tk. 5 - Tk. Some are getting more income because of having better investment. It can be 1 lakh-2 million. Product: Sarees, Girls Dresses, Gift Items etc. Challenge: Small Invitations, Product Select, Product Delivery, Marketing

2) T-Shirt Affiliation: Tipspring is the most popular income source in Bangladesh now, which is T-shirt affiliation. Only Facebook is used for this affiliation. Thus, it is possible to earn Tk. Product: T-Shirts, Mugs, Hoodies, etc. Challenge: Nish Select, Audience Target, Marketing

3) Hosting Affiliation: Hosting Affiliation can be earned only by Facebook Marketing. The number of sales that the income has made, the follower increases. Income can be 3 rupees - 3 rupees per month. However, hosting Affiliation cannot be taken as a career. Because regular income will not be possible. Product: Hosting Challenges for Various Companies: Content Development, Finding Prospective Customers, Marketing

5) Local Business: Everyone is now using Facebook marketing to increase the profitability of any local business. From restaurant business, fashion house to other business, you need to increase income by marketing on Facebook. Product: Service, Training, Product, etc. Challenges: Investment, Product sorting, Skilled person, Marketing

5) Local Jobs: In any business, Facebook marketing is now a big factor. So, in every organization, the job opportunity for Facebook Marketing Expert people has been created to do this. Until now, the number of people who have provided employment in this sector, their salaries amounted to Tk. Product: Service, Training, Product, etc. Challenges: Real Job Experience, Increase Profit in Business

3) Site traffic and from there Adsense: The more traffic you can bring to a site, the more your site advertising income will increase. Income can be 1 taka-1 lakh. Product: A Blog Site Challenge: Nish Select, Site Build, Content Development, Marketing

3) Branding Your Skills: If you think you are skilled, but are not getting a job anywhere, then I would say, you promote your skills through Facebook. If you know many skills through Facebook, then you will not miss your job. Work will find you. Can't finish the job then. Product: Own Skill Challenge: Content Development, Being Active in Skill Groups, Marketing
3) Gig Cell Growth in Fever: The more promotion of Gig in Fever, the more Gig Cell will grow. But you also have to have the right knowledge to run a Facebook promotion. Without proper knowledge, running a gig promotion will increase income on Fiverr, and vice versa. Product: Fever Gig Challenge: Targeting Audience, Developing Content, Marketing

3) Work in the Marketplace: Since Facebook is a great marketing platform, there is a lot of work available in the marketplace. You can earn 1-3,000 taka a month. Product: Bayer Requirement Following Service Challenge: Proof of previous work experience, able to do Bayer Convention. I have said to do income through Facebook, but you can give status on facebook meaning you do not need to think you have become a Facebook marketer.

The following skills are not Facebook marketing skills:

3) Writing something on Facebook status
2) Commenting on other posts
1) Good writing 3)
Posting on other groups
1) Increasing facebook 1) Sharing
links in other groups or other posts.


The skills that a Facebook Marketer should have:

3) Lead Collection: Increase likes on Facebook and not generate profit for the business. Lead needs to increase. You are opening a page to sell any weight loss medication. That page has 5 likes, of which 5 is like the human. Then the medicine will not be sold to them in life. Those who are worried about being fat and obese should be brought to your page. Bringing them to the page is called the lead collection.

2) Lead Introduction: When the lead is created on the page, it is important for them to create an important, intimidating post from thick to smooth with a conscious post. Seeing these people will make people interested in buying a product that is greasy. This is called lead nursing or lead identification.

4) Sales funnel: We always post product related marketing when marketing. The price of the product, why the product is a good post type. If you do this, the cell closes or the cell is not well received. But it is seen that a lot of work is being done. I tried to explain it in a seminar with a simple explanation. The house has a water tank. He left the call inside the room. Once the water starts to fall, the tank will be emptied. Like the faucet you leave, the tank must be filled with regular motor. The motor will raise water, this is called lead collection. The tank is filled with water, which is called lead introduction. After you left the call, that was the cell started.

1) Content development: Content is the content of an article, a link to write, a graphic, a video. In the case of content development, product sales should be kept in mind. Think of creating a lead funnel, lead nursing, sales funnel and developing content.

1) Understand the potential customer behavior: Understand the age, sex, ability to buy, their buying habits, their behavior, the content of the prospective customer should be developed. Potential customers need to know how to collect data and analyze their behavior.

1) Understand the potential customer behavior: Understand the age, sex, ability to buy, their buying habits, their behavior, the content of the prospective customer should be developed. Potential customers need to know how to collect data and analyze their behavior.

3) News Feed Algorithm: When a car posts a post on Facebook, it maintains an algorithm called EDGE Rank. And because of this algorithm you don't see everyone's post on your friend list, not everyone sees your post. Without understanding it, you are not benefiting from the marketing. You may be marketing to that group, but in fact, you can't post your post on Facebook to anyone else just because of this algorithm.

3) Targeting the Right Audience: Finding the right audience and marketing to them only. There are many tools for understanding who is the right audience who will not waste their time doing marketing like blind without knowing it. Income will be no more.

3) Paid Advertising: Paid Advertising on Facebook is a great marketing solution. But, sadly, in our country, thinking about how many people I could spend on $ 5, I became a marketer. In fact, how many people saw the post, not your interest in it, how many people bought your product, marketing success on it. That's why you have to learn the right paid marketing.

3) Remarketing technique: If a promotion can be repeatedly brought to the same person through Facebook paid marketing, the product will be established as a brand. For that reason, remarketing is the key to holding the audience, delivering the message to them repeatedly.

3) Being an influencer: To establish the idea of ​​people online as an expert in something, it is called an influencer. Influencer marketing reduces the difficulty. In a little effort more profit can be made. You need to know the technique of being an influencer.

3) Monitoring of the Monthly Marketing Report: There are some Facebook tools available to view every marketing result. Without analyzing them without marketing, there is no profit. Without knowing them, if you do the marketing you will be blinded by the sea.
12) Creating a Marketing Plan as per the Report: The monthly report is to sort the marketing plan for the next month. Knowing what kind of content is attracting people, at a time when people are more online, marketing will reduce the labor cost, the income will also increase.
3) Analyzing Competitors: If you do not analyze your Competitors, then if you go into marketing, there will be no profit. Only disappointment will be found. Get ideas from Competitors and then create your marketing plan.

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