How To Learn Computer Programming

How To Learn Computer Programming  

Computer counting machine The scientists invented this machine to make calculations easier and less time consuming. Once upon a time, this machine became more modern. It can be used to listen to music, watch movies, play games or even create a game.

So much sense of computer, isn't it? No, the computer has no sense of its own. It's a stupid device. He acts in a hurry just as people say. Computer but they do not understand anything! He only understands 1 and 5. Here 3 and 5 is a binary number method and also known as the computer's language. The digital signal is assumed to be 1K off and 4K on.

So how do we see Bengali writing on the monitor? The question may arise. There are also numerous 3 and 5 working behind it. The Bengali I am writing is converted to 0 and 1. Hijibi is something like 001110011000111101100101100. It is again converted to decimal number system. Then we can see our Bengali language on the computer screen. And all of these complex tasks are done inside the CPU. And things happen so fast that we don't even understand.

** There are some other areas in Unicode, ASCII, etc. that appear in the field of writing on Bangla writing. Which is well known when studying computer science. You can also find out by searching Google.
** In the same way that the music we hear or play in the game is inside the process of billions and 1 billion. The point is that whatever the computer has to do with it, the computer understands everything.

What is Computer Programming?

Computer programming is the instruction given to a computer to do something with the computer. Whether we were playing a game, or listening to a song open a music player, or browsing the Internet, but the computer didn't know how to do it, one of the programmers told him that if anyone wanted to listen to the music, he would listen to it, keep the favorite songs separate. If you want to play a game with someone, you play it this way. One of these programmers has told the computer how to work. The person who does the programming work is called the programmer.

Why programming?

Why learn programming? There are thousands of reasons to learn programming. The present era knows the computer age. The whole world goes by the words of the computer and if that computer goes to your word, imagine what it will feel like. You need to know the programming to make the computer run in your own words. If you know programming, you can at least say that I am a programmer. If you know programming, you can do many more things like- you can create a game yourself, create software, build websites, create robots, and more. Your hands-on clock, smartphone app, your word processor, elevator for lift, various lighting, your alarm, calculator are all made by programming. And in the future programming will change the whole world, The preta machine will be smarter than humans. In essence programmers know how to create the world. And that's why you learn programming.

I'll be a programmer.

Good word Programming is creative and a lot of fun at the same time. In various science fiction movies you will see some bizarre people sitting in dark rooms just knocking on the keyboard all day. Programming is such an intoxication. You also want to sit in front of a computer screen all day, when you can learn programming, compose intelligent programs. To be a programmer you first need to know the compiler, the programming language, the input / output, how to understand how a program works. And in this world of free knowledge you can find out about everything by searching the internet. All you need to know is love, and love the computer.

What is programming language?

In the beginning of this article I said that the computer language is 1 or 3 or binary. The computer speaks this language. Before long, programmers used to do programming using only 3 and 5. It was called Machine Language. But for programming in the machine language, there were many 3 and 5 calculations that were very difficult for a human being. Then the programmers created Assembly Languages. In this language formate programmers could easily compose programs using some mathematical symbols. But it did not fill the mind of the programmers. They realized that everyone had to do something so that they could do programming. So they created the programming language of Highlevel, It's the equivalent of our English language. Now a days anyone can easily talk to a computer easily. So we realized that programming language is a language used to talk to computers or to do programming. Just as we use languages   like Bangla, English, Arabic, Hindi, etc. to communicate, we need to know programming languages   to communicate with computers. Here are some of the most popular and current programming languagesThere are over a thousand languages   like C, C ++, C #, Python, Java, Perl, Go, Swift, Basic, Pascal, etc. There are different programming languages   for doing different things. Just like Swift to create iPhone applications, Wolfarmalpha for calculating calculations , Fortran and so on. Also, there are some standard languages   that can be used to do all sorts of things. Ex: C, Python, Java.

Which language will I learn?

There are so many languages   that all have to be learned. No No, you don't have to learn them all. You can become a good programmer by learning any one well. While one language is learned, the other can be easily learned. Different languages   are different, but their basic concept is the same. For example, all languages   have variables, conditional logic, a loop and some functions. But in language differences one is a little different. By learning these basics, it is easy to master any programming language.

What to start with?

You can start with any one. Without saying that, starting with C or Python would be the best and many programmers have stepped into the programming world with one of these two. C is a very old but popular and powerful programming language. C has all the standard basics of programming. Soif C is learned then any other language can be easily learned. Currentlya great language for learning about Python and programmingalongside C. At present, Python is used to teach programming using Python. Python also cA programming language like this, powerful and simple and object oriented. You can start with any one of the two.

How to learn or where to learn?

If you would like to learn C programming language, please visit This is the website of Tamim Shahriar Subin's C programming book. You can download the entire book in PDF form if you wish. This can be a wonderful way to learn programming in Bengal. You will find all the basic concepts of programming in the book. The author tries to explain things in a beautiful way. From the book you will understand the basics. And inspire you to become a great programmer. If you want to learn Python, you can get this author's book, You can buy from I say again that if you want to start programming in Bangla, Tamim Shahriar Subin's books will be the best. There are many other books by this author on programming that you can later become a major programmer. Moreover, there is no problem with the Internet. If you want to know how to learn your favorite things from the Internet

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