Gmail On Samsung's Android 9 Pie Tablet Already Has Dark Mode, But It's Broken

Google is presently rolling out dark mode for Gmail, however just for automaton ten devices… or is it? Well, one amongst my colleagues already received Gmail dark mode on his Galaxy pill, but… well, read on.

First and foremost, we're talking regarding the Galaxy Tab 5E here, which pill isn't running automaton ten. automaton nine Pie is put in on that, together with Samsung One UI (version one.0). Not that it matters, however the pill is presently running associate automaton security patch for might of 2019.

Dark mode for Gmail is offered on this pill, however it's broken
In any case, dark mode for Gmail is offered on this Galaxy pill, however it does not work properly. If you are taking a glance at the pictures provided down below, you may notice the problem directly.

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As you'll be able to see, folks concerned in specific e-mails, and titles for those e-mails ar invisible. that's most likely as a result of they are a similar color because the background. funnily enough, that's not the case for all e-mails.

As you'll be able to see, out of ten e-mails, 3 ar a problem. If the concerned parties don't seem to be there, the title isn't either, there are not any exceptions. The 'important' tag continues to be visible, though, that leads America to believe that the text is solely within the same color because the background.

Now, my colleague tells ME that if you force shut the app, and run it once more, everything goes back to traditional. It does not keep that means for long, though, because it reverts to broken state before long once.

This may be a problem with Samsung's One UI skin, or maybe it's a problem on Google's finish. Gmail isn't alleged to support dark mode for automaton nine Pie devices simply nonetheless. Despite that, it's out there on the Galaxy Tab 5E pill.

My colleague didn't root the device, nor did he find some developer setting for this to happen. This feature merely gave the impression to him as a result of he has activated dark mode on a system level. In alternative words, it happened the natural means, a similar means it did for those of you UN agency run automaton ten.

The Galaxy Tab S5e additionally has WiFi signal problems thanks to a style flaw
Back in might, it absolutely was rumored that the Galaxy Tab S5e has iPhone 4-esque antenna problems. That issue continues to be gift, by the way, on my colleague's unit. That was to be expected, as that's a style flaw, over a computer code issue. it's simply price noting, just in case you are having similar problems.

Google had started rolling out dark mode for Gmail to automaton ten devices last month. It didn't roll it bent each automaton ten devices, though. It started with a restricted range of users. a handful of days past, however, the corporate set to widen the rollout, and unharness it to all or any automaton ten phones.

That being aforesaid, automaton nine Pie devices can begin receiving it likewise, at some purpose. Google can most likely begin emotional it before long, as this Galaxy Tab S5e pill received it already. We're unsure whose mistake that's, however it's even potential that it is a take a look at of some kind, although my colleague is running a stable build of Gmail.

Whatever the case could also be, allow us to apprehend if you are having similar problems. If you are running automaton nine Pie on your device, and you have got access to Gmail dark mode already, we'd wish to fathom it… and if it's running because it ought to, or not.

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