Everything you need to know about WordPress

What is WordPress ??

WordPress is a  content management system  (CMS-Content Management System). WordPress is a platform where you can create and maintain a professional website without coding skills. With WordPress you can easily customize any content of the website.

WordPress first  to Matt  Mullenweg  and  Mike Little  made  003  in. In the beginning, it used to be a blog website, but now WordPress is a powerful tool that allows you to create any type of website.  and  are available in WordPress in two variants. You can easily create and host a website on but it has some limitations like you cannot use custom themes or plugins and you can not do any more work on, on the other hand, is a much more powerful platform where you can access all the benefits of WordPress. So in this article we will focus on

Why do you use WordPress ??

First of all, WordPress is an open source software that anyone can use and modify for free.
The WordPress Community Team is working daily to improve WordPress.
The user interface of WordPress is very user friendly now a days.
WordPress has everything it takes to create a website.
Many free tools and low cost tools have been created for WordPress.
If you know coding then you can customize WordPress with coding.
With WordPress you can create a simple blog and you can create any kind of website including e-commerce site if you want. One of the main reasons for using WordPress is that there is no shortage of documentation on the Internet about WordPress. When you get stuck in a WordPress task, just search the Internet to see if someone has already done this and you can easily get help from there.

What can you do with WordPress ??

WordPress was started to create a blog website. So there are undoubtedly some great benefits for WordPress blog websites. But now WordPress is not only used for blog websites. With WordPress you can create all kinds of websites that you can imagine.

Below is a short list of what types of websites you can create with WordPress:
Online portfolio
Affiliate website
News site
E-commerce Store
Community Hub
Business website etc etc….
WordPress customization

Although WordPress is a powerful platform, here are some basic concepts for website creation. But if you can use HTML CSS and some JavaScript, then you can customize your website the way you want. No problem even if you don't have coding skills, there are tons of themes  and  plugins for WordPress customization   .

The theme  is the look of your website. You can download and install themes from the Internet if you wish to change the look of your favorite website. There are some themes that you can customize according to your website category. These are called general themes. Then there are some Particular themes that are created with a focus on different categories. There are different themes for categories such as blogs, online-stores, portfolios, e-commerce, etc. You can customize your theme to give your website a unique look.

And   by using plugins you can add extra features or functionality to your website. There are some simple plugins that allow you to add only one benefit. For example: contact form, image gallery etc.
Anything you can do using the plugin:

Storefront created
Security development
Search engine optimization
Creating a forum or wiki, etc.
There are many online websites where you will find WordPress themes and plugins. If you are new to WordPress, we will recommend that you revisit the official  theme directory  and  plugin directory of WordPress  .

How to get started in WordPress ??

I hope you understand how effective WordPress is for creating a website. Now see how to get started: -

2. Selecting a domain

First you need to register a domain name. A domain name is the name of your website or the unique address of your website. When buying domain names, you should select unique names that visitors and visitors can easily remember. If the domain name of your choice is availble, you can buy domain name from the web hosting company.

2. Hosting bought

Hosting is a web server where all the files and data on your website are stored. The data stored on the hosting visitors will be able to access your website through the domain name. That means you need a hosting plan. If your website is bigger then you will need more hosting space. Enough to buy a small hosting plan for a small website.

2. Install WordPress

If you have a domain name and a hosting plan then you are ready to install WordPress. Installing WordPress is a very easy task. If you wish, you can install WordPress yourself by watching the tutorial from the Internet. Besides, there are many hosting providers that will let you install WordPress.

2. Use themes and plugins

Once WordPress is installed, you will need to use themes and plugins to customize your website. We will recomend using a quality theme first and then using the plugin as per your requirement. You can use many plugins. Here  you can see the popular plugins that are used on AllMost websites  .

2. Creating Content

Once everything is done you have to create content for your website.  Now WordPress has two types of content: Posts and Pages. Creating them is quite an easy task. From the user-friendly interface of WordPress you can easily post and create pages.

The last story
WordPress is a powerful and popular content management system because it is a perfect solution for any type of website. WordPress is the best for beginners and skilled developers. Moreover, starting in WordPress is quite simple.

 Buy a domain name and a hosting plan to create your first website  . Then you install WordPress and customize your website. And start creating content.  Good luck … <3

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