Edison Mail gets a Dark Mode costume for Halloween

Key Takeaways:• Edison Mail adds new Dark Mode feature for Android consumers worldwide.• This is the most recent addition to a long list of features Edison Mail provides to Android consumers including customizable swipes, bulk delete, Block Sender, Price Alert, and many others.• Download Edison Mail on iOS and Android — a free five-star independent mail app that promises to never show ads.

If you’re online in any capacity, you’ve probably heard about Dark Mode. It’s been proliferating the news lately as iOS 13 and Android 10 make system wide Dark Mode the standard, and app after app adds Dark Mode support to their systems. If 2019 is the year of anything in the app world, it’s the year of Dark Mode. Finally, after years of bright white screens, consumers everywhere have said they’ve had enough.

For those of you that aren’t yet initiated, Dark Mode at its most basic is the inversion of the text and background colors on your phone screen. Instead of dark text on a light background, you get light text on a dark background. While a very simple switch, this inversion has been shown to help ease the digital eye strain that many suffer from. And this is great news considering the fact that eye strain is becoming a real problem for many consumers. According to a recent survey by the Vision Council, 59 percent of American adults reported suffering from the effects of digital eye strain.

For these adults, Edison Mail now offers Dark Mode on all Android devices to cut down on the dangerous effects of frequent screen time. Last month we introduced Dark Mode for iOS 13 enabled devices, and now both Android and iOS consumers can rely on Edison Mail for the Dark Mode experience they have wanted while managing their mailbox.

Dark Mode is the latest addition from Edison Mail aimed at making your email experience better.

This past year alone has been filled with one great update after another. Within the last year, we’ve added Block Sender, which easily banishes emails from unwanted senders straight to your Trash, added in Price Alert which alerts you of any refundable price drops on recent purchases, and added the ability to Bulk Delete mass emails at once. The assistant screens that you love have also been revamped this year so they look better, are more organized, and are now searchable. On top of that, whenever you draft up emails you’ll see a suggested list of frequent contacts, so you don’t have to waste time constantly searching for them.

Ease of use, privacy, and customizability have always been priorities with Edison Mail. From the beginning we’ve blocked all read receipts so that there are no prying eyes in your mailbox, and ensured that there’s no limit on the number of mail accounts you can link to your Edison app. That way, whether you have one account or twenty, your email experience is seamless.

For those who love being able to customize their email experience, Edison Mail also offers a bevy of customizable options. From the Settings Menu you’re able to customize your swipe gestures, change how many lines of text you see in email preview, decide what shows up after you archive or delete a message (whether that’s the next message, previous message, or email list), choose the types of notifications you receive from each mail account, and tweak the length of time you have to undo sent mail.
On top of all these features and customizable options, you’re able to use your free mailbox without getting pelted by ad after ad. With these Edison Mail features on Android and more to come, you will never need to worry again about being productive with the time you spend in your inbox.

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